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Loft 25

Loft 25 Premium Linen Fabric Bench Pads 76x39x5cm

Loft 25 Premium Linen Fabric Bench Pads 76x39x5cm

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Introducing the Loft 25 Premium Linen Fabric Bench Pads—the epitome of style, comfort, and practicality. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our cushioned seat pad redefines seating luxury in any setting. Whether you're revamping your living room, enhancing your hallway décor, or creating a cosy corner in your children's room, this versatile cushion effortlessly elevates the ambiance with its soft touch and inviting presence.

Designed for ultimate comfort, our bench pad boasts a perfect blend of durability and lightness, ensuring a serene seating experience every time. The removable, washable cover enhances convenience, allowing for easy maintenance and prolonged freshness. 

But that's not all—our bench pad goes beyond aesthetics, boasting additional features like fire retardancy, ensuring safety in any environment. Lightweight yet durable, it's built to withstand daily use while maintaining its impeccable charm.


  • Easy maintenance with a removable, washable cover.
  • Luxurious linen fabric ensures a comfortable seating experience.
  • Safety is ensured with fire-retardant materials.
  • Long-lasting construction for easy transport and longevity.
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