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Loft 25

Loft 25 Fold Out Z Bed Chair

Loft 25 Fold Out Z Bed Chair

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Introducing the Loft 25 Fold-Out Z Bed Chair—your ultimate solution for versatile comfort and space-saving convenience. Crafted with ergonomics at the forefront, this single futon Z bed is meticulously designed to provide maximum comfort, allowing you to unwind for hours without compromising on posture.

The Z Bed features a durable polyester fabric exterior, ensuring long-lasting performance. The filling comprises a blend of luxurious polyester fibre and crumb foam, delivering plush comfort and support for your body. 

Versatility is key with the foldable design of the Z Bed, allowing you to effortlessly transition between a comfortable chair and a convenient guest bed. When not in use, its compact size enables easy storage, making it an ideal choice for smaller living spaces.

Maintaining the pristine appearance of your Z Bed is a breeze, thanks to the removable cover with a convenient zip closure. Simply toss it in the washing machine for hassle-free cleaning, ensuring that your Z Bed looks brand new for years to come.


  • Designed for maximum comfort and body support.
  • Compact and foldable design, ideal for small spaces.
  • Removable, machine-washable cover for effortless maintenance.
  • Fire-retardant materials are sourced for safety assurance.
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