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Loft 25

Loft 25 Fold Out Single Z Bed

Loft 25 Fold Out Single Z Bed

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Experience comfort and versatility like never before with the Loft 25 Velvet Folding Cube Z Bed. Perfectly designed for small spaces, sleepovers, and any time you need an extra bed or seat, this innovative piece effortlessly transitions from a plush chair to a comfortable single bed in seconds.

Crafted with high-quality materials, the Loft 25 features soft, premium velvet upholstery that feels gentle on the skin, ensuring maximum comfort whether you're sitting or lying down. The inner polyester fibre filling provides excellent support and durability, maintaining its shape and comfort through regular use.

This lightweight yet sturdy Z bed is easy to fold and unfold, making it perfect for quick setups. Its durability ensures it can withstand frequent use, making it an ideal choice for homes with limited space or for those who enjoy hosting. Cleaning is a breeze too—simply wipe down the soft velvet to keep it looking fresh and new.

Ideal for children's rooms, guest rooms, or any living area, the Loft 25 Fold Out Single Z Bed offers a smart solution for seating and sleeping that combines comfort, functionality, and style.


  • Soft velvet and plush polyester fibre fill.
  • Compact and foldable, ideal for small spaces.
  • Easy to move and built to last.
  • The high-back design supports good posture.
  • Low-maintenance velvet surface.
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