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Loft 25

Loft 25 Water Resistant Boxing Bag Protective Cover

Loft 25 Water Resistant Boxing Bag Protective Cover

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Introducing the Loft 25 Boxing Bag Cover, your ultimate solution for preserving the integrity of your prized punching figure. Specifically designed for compact storage, this cover ensures your punching figure is neatly concealed when not in action. 

Unzip the cover and effortlessly place your figure inside with no hassle, thanks to the thoughtful design that prioritises convenience.

Crafted from durable, weather-resistant canvas fabric, this cover is built to withstand the elements. Whether you're storing your punching figure indoors or outdoors, rest assured that it's shielded from water, moisture, and other environmental factors. Say goodbye to rust, dirt, and colour fading, as this cover provides reliable protection, ensuring the longevity of your free-standing punch bag.

Simply wipe it down or toss it in the machine for a quick wash. Featuring a pull-tight closure, this cover offers a secure fit, ensuring your punching figure remains protected at all times. With added features like weather resistance and UV protection.


  • It neatly conceals the punching figure, optimising space.
  • High-quality canvas protects from elements.
  • Guards against rust, dirt, and fading.
  • It is simple to clean with a wipe or machine wash.
  • Made in the UK.
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