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Our First Ever Giveaway: Bedding Collection

June 5, 2018

This week, we’ve been promoting our first ever giveaway on Instagram! It was extremely exciting to see all the lovely feedback we got for our designs and we’d like to thank all the participants who’ve joined the giveaway so far! The lucky winner will win 3 items from our animal print bedding collection.

It’s no surprise that children spend a lot of time in their rooms. They’re either playing video games or hanging with friends. When you’re decorating your child’s room, it shouldn’t feel too difficult. In fact, it should be an exciting, fun and spontaneous process. It’s a place where your child can let loose and be themselves because it’s a room that reflects their little personalities.

At Loft 25, we love fun and quirky designs. It was definitely fun creating it so we’re certain that the kids will love it just as much as we do! The bedding collection embodies different personalities offering a mix of designs from a space themed set to lovely animal prints, fun emojis and more! You don’t need to worry about finding items to match as it’s already set out for you.

Below the loft, we’re overlooking the factory where all the manufacturing magic happens (which is great because we get to see our products come to life within hours!) It’s where we work with the best and most carefully selected fabrics and range of manufacturers to make a high quality product. But before getting to the development side of things, each and every item needs teamwork and creativity.


Once you pick out your favourite duvet set, you can add other decorative pieces around the room too! Each bedding collection has a range of adorable little items that will help bring the room to life.


Turn your child’s room into a camping site. Once you put a teepee in a child’s room, you’ll probably never see them again (and we mean that in a good way!) It’s such a fun way to keep your child busy and having fun in their room. The teepees are also suitable for outdoor use. If your child wants to explore their imagination, this will definitely make that experience possible.


ย Sleeping Mats

Speaking of sleepovers, these folding mats are perfect for quick naps and unexpected guests. With high quality hollow fibre filling in 5 sections, it’ll provide extra comfort and supportย for the whole body. You can easily fold it up as it comes with ties that secure together to storeย away.


ย Curtains

The collection also includes a curtain that will complete the look. Curtains can really make a bedroom. It’s usually very hard to find the right curtains for a room because you’re deciding on what style or design matches the aesthetic of the room. This set will literally take away any hassle and before you know it, the room is good to go!



You really can’t go wrong with a good old beanbag! If your child is an avid gamer, this would look fantastic in their room. Even if they just want to read a book or have a gathering with their friends, it’s a fun decorative piece.. The measurement for the beanbag is approximately W50cm x L50x x D50cm.


There a lot more in this bedding collection that you need to look out for – and the products are not only limited to young kids but for babies too! From cot sets to tiny beanbag loungers,ย there are endless items to choose from.


Update: The giveaway is now over and the winner has been announced!

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