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Moroccan Prints: Garden Cushions for Summer

June 12, 2018

New cushion covers are the way to go if you want to decorate your garden without breaking the bank. There’s nothing that brings a touch of authenticity more than a Moroccan-inspired theme. It’s a classic design that just fills a room with beautiful Moroccan prints. It just makes you want to fly off to Marrakesh. Although you can only see 4 set cushions in the images below, they actually come in a set of 5 – with two plain colours.

We’re delighted to share what inspired our team to design Moroccan print cushion covers. Featuring Pantone colours for SS18, these cushions can be easily introduced into a contemporary interior.

We’ll take you through the designs and colours available in each set so you can get a closer look at all the details.

blue moroccan prints garden cushions


Our 4 designs are: Marrakesh, Moroccan Blue, Diamond and Lantern.

Perfect for neutral palettes

If you’ve got a neutral colour palette going on in your garden, imagine how great this blue Moroccan print cushion would look against the beige/pale decor. The yellow touches on our lantern design leaves plenty of room to add touches of mustard/yellow around the garden.

blue moroccan prints garden cushions



A close up of our lantern details. This design will create a touch of Moroccan opulence in your garden. 



green moroccan prints garden cushions





The second colour in our collection is the gorgeous English Ivy Green Moroccan Cushion – a great colour that will reflect the ambience in your garden.

The collection itself has an abundance of interest and intrigue. For a warm and welcoming atmosphere, try getting glow of candles burning in lanterns around the garden. You can display an interesting collection of floor cushions on the grass and you’ll recreate the Moroccan vibe you’re going for. 

ivy green moroccan prints garden cushions



Details: Diamond and Marrakesh designs. Each cushion cover brings an attractive and unique style to your garden set. 




purple moroccan prints garden cushions ultra violet



Ultra Violet has been named as the Pantone colour of the year (2018) so we couldn’t resist using this colour for our Moroccan prints. Ultra Violet adds spice and brightness in both modern and traditional spaces.

If purple isn’t usually the colour you go for, why not experiment? This is ideal if your garden decor is a neutral canvas.

purple moroccan prints garden cushions




 A closer look: Hints of beige in the design gives you room to co-ordinate with very neutral and creamy colours.





To exaggerate the Moroccan feel, add a decorative bowl filled with beautiful fruits. Get some scented candles in Moroccan spice, fig and vanilla. 

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