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Director Chair Covers: 3 Trendy Designs

June 29, 2018

Recently, we started working on prints for our director chair covers with our Textile Designer and Artist, Laura, putting together each look! It’s under our Gardenista brand and it’s such a great item to introduce to your garden. It’s not only the perfect gift for film buffs (hint hint), butย when choosing outdoor furniture, it’s important that you find something that will provide the most enjoyment for you and your family. These director chairs are automatically a decorative piece that’s unique and brings a quirky personality.ย 

Everything from palm leaves, pineapples to exotic flamingos are serving as a reflection of the beautiful weather we’ve been getting in the UK so far. (Let’s try not to jinx ourselves now!) But it’s officially time to visit the tropics! If not by plane, then by touches of interior and garden design. No plans this summer? Transform your garden and create a little getaway of your own. With decorative plants, water-resistant beanbags and scatter cushions all over the place will definitely bring your garden to life again.

So we decided to incorporate popular trends to this new collection because well, we just couldn’t resist.


loft 25 palm green print garden director chair cover

Why are botanical theme prints so lovely to look at? Because it’s just fresh, vibrant, alive and has a natural soothing quality that makes them suited to home and garden decor. It also helps people decorate their homes with plants without actual plants. If you crave the botanical look, this isย where you can start: get yourself a floral bed set, greenery wallpaper or decorate your garden chairs with beautiful botanical print. In addition, if you like to keep the general colour palette in your garden as neutral, use the touches of greenery to highlight the look.ย 

The measurements for the director chair cover is approximately:

Seat: 52.5cm (L) 47cm (W) Back: 52.5cm (L) 21cm (W)


loft 25 pineapple print garden director chair covers

You can’t deny that this design is just extremely attractive and cute to look at. The pineapples automatically make us dream of tropical getaways and hot days spent on the beach in a Caribbean island. With its wild top and tangy flavour, pineapples are the most fun in a fruit basket and the design world definitely agrees.

Lately, this pineappleย theme started popping up on wallpapers, phone cases, bedding and of course, our pineapple print director chair covers. This print is available in two different colours as seen above – pink and white. Go on and transform your garden into a tropical oasis this summer.

The measurements for director chair covers are approximately:

Seat: 52.5cm (L) 47cm (W) Back: 52.5cm (L) 21cm (W)


loft 25 flamingo print garden director chair covers

What do you think of when you see flamingo designs? It’s glamorous, bold and luxurious. Flamingos can only be described as graceful birds that live life away from the city life. These chair cover prints symbolise grace, style and fashion. That’s probably why it’s so popular – simply because it’s really fancy. For the back cover of the flamingo director chair cover, we have a simple FLAMINGO text with the full print displayed on the seat.ย 

The measurements for the director chair covers are approximately:

Seat: 52.5cm (L) 47cm (W) Back: 52.5cm (L) 21cm (W)


In addition, we have plenty more designs that we’ve used on our director chair covers that you can purchase today!

ย Arabesque | Cacti | Pastel Stripes | Purple Stripes | Chintz White | Chintz Yellow

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